Naruto Shippuden Orichimaru Smug Acrylic LED Lamp

Naruto Shippuden Orochimaru Smug Acrylic LED Lamp

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Elevate your space today with our Character 3D Illusion LED Color Changing Acrylic Lamps. Our Acrylic Lamps come with many popular characters you can choose from. All with special color changing features.

Key Features:

    • Includes: 1 Acrylic Lamp, 1 Color Changing Base, 1 USB Power Cord, and 1 Color Changer Remote
    • Dimensions: Acrylics are within 2" x 6" x 9" inches varying by character
    • Touch Sensor Feature: 7 Colors, Flash, and Smooth Mode
    • Color Changer Remote: 16 Colors, Adjust Brightness, and 4 Light Modes
    • Base can be powered with 3 AA batteries (NOT INCLUDED)