About Us

Welcome to Boba Rally!

Boba Rally is a well known distributor for Trading Card Games and Collectibles in Southern California. Our online store offers exclusive products that include Apparel, Figures, Accessories, Electronics, TCG Supplies, and TCG Products of Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic The Gathering, and many more!

We guarantee that Boba Rally provides the highest quality of products that are serviced to you for your satisfaction!
Pay less and enjoy your shopping at Boba Rally

Why are you called Boba Rally?

We go by Boba Rally because we believe that Boba is a form of social gathering! During the creation, we drank Boba. During the construction, there was Boba! So, in a sense, Boba is what helped us build our the store.

So a follow-up question may be... Do you serve Boba? No, unfortunately we do not BUT we may never know what the future holds!

From our family to yours

Boba is what started it all for us! Boba was a great excuse to go out and enjoy life especially with friends and family. The idea to include Boba within our name was because it was the glue to the people around us as well as it would be the glue to our company. As our friendships grew, so did our passion. We all knew what kind of store we wanted to open. We were excited! And while we enjoyed playing board games and card games with one another, we wanted to establish a place where our customer could enjoy that too.

BOBA RALLY; the one-stop-shop to go to for fun and games.